The Iberville®
CI66 series prevents cable damage without obstructing dry wall installation

A complete protector plate family to meet the requirements of CEC Rule 12-516

The Canadian Electrical Code, Rule 12-516 (1) requires that a safety zone of at least 32 mm be left between nonmetallic sheathed cable and the edges of the stud, joists and similar structures through which it is pulled. If the safety zone cannot be respected, cables must be protected using approved metal protection devices.

  • Iberville® CI66 family – a complete range of solutions to meet this requirement
  • Heavy duty steel construction to stop penetration of nails and screws
  • Protector plates have integrated nailing prongs
  • Tube protector can be installed before or after the cable is pulled
  • Does not obstruct dry wall installation
  • For complete details, view our installation video at
  • CSA Certified
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada