The new CI66 series!

The solution for increased cable protection.

Canadian Electrical Code: Rule 12-516

Rule 12-516 of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) states that when a non-metallic sheathed cable is run through studs, joists or similar members the cable must be at least 32mm from the edge of the members otherwise it has to be effectively protected from mechanical injury. In sub-rule, any cable that is installed immediately behind a baseboard shall be effectively protected from mechanical injury from driven nails.

Some provincial authorities are enforcing sub-rule differently than others. While most would read this sub-rule as meaning 32mm from the front of the stud to the hole made to pass the cables, others are insisting that 32mm distance must be from all aspects of the wood stud; depth, width, and height.

The Iberville team has multiple solutions to this code requirement. In the case of a single stud the CI66-XL or the CI66-T can effectively protect the cables from injury during and after drywall installations. In case where two or three studs are side by side or in corners of a room, the CI66-XL-2 will give the required protection.