Special Wording

Illuminated Signage

Custom-worded, illuminated signage is available using the same sturdy construction and electrical design as Lumacell® exit signage. A wide range of sign body options and colour choices is available to suit any application. Contact your local Lumacell® sales representative to discuss your specific requirements.


  • The same sturdy construction and electrical design used in our exit signs, is used to produce our custom-worded, illuminated signage
  • Sign bodies - steel, extruded and die-cast aluminum, weatherproof, flame-retardant polycarbonate, high impact thermoplastic, recessed housing
  • Also available with self-powered canopy and with emergency lamps
  • Custom wording – any style of lettering, any language, any alphabet, any special characters
  • Graphics – logos, standard symbols, custom art
  • Colour choices – sign bodies, message, faceplate panel
  • Illumination – LED (light-emitting diodes) – other light sources available - consult representative.
  • White-out, black-out and split picture options


Emergency Ballast Manuals

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