3LSRSOW4T Series

NEMA-3R Certified Combo Unit Water-, dust- and oil-resistant “SORTIE” exit sign combo


  • This unit is ideal for schools, parking garages, public places, transit platforms and security areas such as jails
  • Units are NEMA-3R certified
  • Heavy-duty, gasketed fiberglass reinforced housing, designed specifically for industrial applications
  • Sealed, vandal resistant clear polycarbonate faceplate
  • Fully integrated unit with charger and rechargeable battery
  • Solid state charger circuitry – capable of full recharge within 24 hours
  • Low voltage disconnect circuitry
  • Sealed, dust-tight transfer relay
  • Long-life, uniform illumination of the Exit Sign “SORTIE” legend is provided by an energy efficient, LED light source consuming less than 3W per face is warrantied for ten (10) years
  • Power pack includes a magnetic test switch and high charge pilot light
  • Compatible with PAR36 lamps or sealed tungsten/halogen lamps. Teflon coated lenses available in option
  • In emergency mode, the long life, sealed nickel cadmium battery provides power to the Exit Sign and lamp heads for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Meets or exceeds CSA 22.2 No. 141-15

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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