EX10 Series

The EX10 Series exit sign offers a complete package of features to make installation fast and easy. Economically priced, the EX10 Series offers a construction quality usually found in higher-priced signs. This series is ideally suited for applications where many exit signs will be installed and where lowest installed cost is a priority.


  • Two-wires universal AC input
  • Pre-assembled for quick, easy installation
  • Universal mounting – end, wall or ceiling
  • Supplied with two stencil plates, red diffusing lenses and backplate
  • Easy access to wiring entry for all mounting options
  • Canopy mounting system designed specifically for ease of installation
  • Universal, field-selectable chevrons (knockout)
  • Energy efficient – consumes less than 3 watts in AC or DC mode
  • Normal AC and emergency DC operation – 120 to 347 volt AC input; 6 to 24 volt DC input

Emergency Ballast Manuals

  • no information to display