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Our Canadian Brands:

Iberville(®) – Boxes & Covers
Even though its actual roots date back to 1913, the IBERVILLE brand name came to light in 1941 when production began in its new manufacturing plant in (…) read more

Star Teck(®) – Cable Fittings
The Teck cable fitting’s evolution began in the 1950s when the Teck-Hughes gold mine in Ontario required a special fitting. It was to be installed (…) read more

T&B Emergency Lighting
T&B Emergency Lighting includes Emergi-Lite, Lumacell and Ready-Lite which have grown to become Canada’s most reliable brands. Ready-Lite began (…) read more

Microlectric(®) – Meter Sockets
It was in Montreal North, in 1970 when a tool maker, a salesman and a dentist each invested $5000 to begin a meter socket company. Their focus was to cater (…) read more

T&B Cable Tray Systems
Thomas & Betts Cable Tray Systems began in 1994 with the acquisitions of Canstrut and Electrotray. In 1996 Pilgrim completed the offering. (…) read more

Marrette(®) – Wire Connectors
Bill Marr worked tirelessly in his Toronto area basement shop to make a safer and more efficient way of joining two electrical conductors. In 1914 he (…) read more

T&B Conduit Fittings
T&B Fittings were originally manufactured in Canada in 1932 in association with Iberville(®) Fittings. The first innovative products offered by Thomas & Betts (…) read more

Boreal Braidings
Acquired by Thomas & Betts in 2007, Boreal Braidings is the North American leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality flexible connectors (…) read more

Superstrut(®) – Metal Framing
Superstrut(®) metal framing systems was introduced in Canada in 2001 with the amalgamation of three brands: Cantruss, Canstrut, and Pilgrim Toughstrut. (…) read more

Joslyn(tm) Hi-Voltage – Capacitors, Switches and Interrupters
Joslyn(tm) Hi-Voltage established a design and manufacturing facility in Canada in the 1970’s to address the ever expanding market. (…) read more

It all started in 1917 when the A’G’A company was the market leader for building light house equipment in North America. Their know-how was easily transferred (…) read more

All-Struct(tm) products provide municipalities, transport authorities and contractors across North America with a complete structure solution for roadway, (…) read more

The secret is out!
Let the celebration and the winning begin!

Over 80% of the Thomas & Betts products sold in Canada are made in one of our 12 manufacturing facilities located right here in Canada.

Surprised? We thought you might be!

That's why Thomas & Betts has launched a nationwide campaign to celebrate its “Made in Canada” products and, as part of the celebration, is offering you the chance to participate in monthly drawings for official NHL hockey jerseys as well as a grand prize drawing for a trip to a major sporting event.


Scott Bailey Saint John, NB Quiz 1
Ben Evans Darthmouth, NS Quiz 1
Patrick Guertin Saint-Hyacinthe, QC Quiz 1
Daniel Lalancette Varennes, QC Quiz 1
F. D'Orazio Maple, ON Quiz 1
Nathan Lee St-Catharines, ON Quiz 1
Victor Frank Estevan, SK Quiz 1
Dale Hrynuik Saskatoon, SK Quiz 1
Del Ouellette Red Deer, AB Quiz 1
Robert Wood Lethbridge, AB Quiz 1
Clint Skyrne Vernon, BC Quiz 1
James Dack N. Vancouver, BC Quiz 1
Terry Regular Miramichi, NB Quiz 2
John Gazzola Glace Bay, NS Quiz 2
Pierre Bouchard Laval, QC Quiz 2
Richard Desbiens Pine Hill, QC Quiz 2
Dan Macormick Bolton, ON Quiz 2
Charlie Galea Brampton, ON Quiz 2
Brad Funk Steinbach, SK Quiz 2
Cassandra Prochera Martensville, SK Quiz 2
Aaron Carley Sylvan Lake, AB Quiz 2
Gary Conley Lamont, AB Quiz 2
Lee Foulem Nanaimo, BC Quiz 2
Pat Cardinal Squamish, BC Quiz 2
Colin Sillie Sooke, BC Quiz 3
Ken Liu Abbotsford, BC Quiz 3
Denis Courchesne Edmonton, AB Quiz 3
Jeremy Mitchell Medecine Hat, AB Quiz 3
Glenn Smith Winnipeg, MB Quiz 3
Walter Slywchuck Saskatoon, SK Quiz 3
Rob Khuth Peterborough, ON Quiz 3
Ron Vanderschee North Bay, ON Quiz 3
Rocky Labbé St-Georges-de-Beauce, QC Quiz 3
Guillaume Parent St-Isidore, QC Quiz 3
Mike Quinn Halifax, NS Quiz 3
Dan Newson Moncton, NB Quiz 3
Chris Hooper Port Moody, BC Quiz 4
Richard Sambad Prince George, BC Quiz 4
Craig Welch Whitehorse, YT Quiz 4
Daryl Fidler Calgary, AB Quiz 4
Don Saliga Winnipeg, MB Quiz 4
Clint Driedger Regina, SK Quiz 4
Justin Blanchfield St. Catharines, ON Quiz 4
Steve Caird Lansdowne, ON Quiz 4
Marc Filion Laval, QC Quiz 4
Martin Champigny Ste-Victoire de Sorel, QC Quiz 4
Darren Richards Cornwall, PE Quiz 4
Adrien Henri Moncton, NB Quiz 4
Mike Cyr Victoria, BC Final
Darryl Singbeil Mission, BC Final
Jeff Lunn Slave Lake, AB Final
Craig Slaunwhite Calgary, AB Final
Gordon Bjornson High Level, AB Final
Doug Generous The Pas, MB Final
Wayne Wiebe New Bothwell, MB Final
Robert Wittig St. Catharines, ON Final
Mirek Rumin Mississauga, ON Final
Mike Scott Hannon, ON Final
Marc-André Bisson Lac-Mégantic, QC Final
Gisèle Giasson L'Islet, QC Final
Jean-Pierre Achard Jonquière, QC Final
Leo McPhee Glace Bay, NS Final
Dale Fletcher Moncton, NB Final
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