With the DTS brand, Thomas & Betts provides a complete range of explosion proof lighting, emergency lighting, enclosures, junction boxes and control panels.

DTS products were designed to minimise total cost of ownership by reducing labour and cost during installation, inspection and maintenance.

Our DTS range covers all zones of potential explosion gas and dust atmospheres and is compliant with IECex and ATEX standards.

Features & Benefits

Hazardous Environment Protection: Full range of IECex and ATEX certified lighting and enclosure solutions for gas and dust area's.

Corrosive & Harsh Environment Protection: We offer special materials and coating options for protection in harshest environments like seasalt, UV radiatione, etc.

Total Project Cost Reductions: Smart and modular product design will reduce your installation and maintenance cost of our luminaires.

Complementary to DTS we also offer Kopex-Ex, a full range of nylon and metallic cable protection systems ATEX, IECex, UL/CSA approved.